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I'm thinking about getting Porcelain Veneer done on my teeth..has anybody had it done before?

Whats the Cost?, Side effects?, How long do they last?

I'm thinking about getting Porcelain Veneer done on my teeth..has anybody had it done before?
If you can get acrylic its less expensive and more durable. You'll still have to get them replaced in about 10 years, but the risk of breakage is less.

My EX-dentist had convinced me to use porcelain. I should have known better than to go to someone who was proud of his celebrity clientele. The veneers were hand made in a lab, which I had to go to in person so the labtech could check for himself shade and shape. It was overkill--it felt like I kept going back for visits both to the dentist and the lab week after week until it was finally done....When it was done, I could see the blue-grey tinge of the metallic post underneath the porcelain, and it was NOT attractive.

Then within three years one of them cracked and fell off! I was already very careful with them (hardly ever biting with them if I could avoid it) so I was really upset. I had to find a dentist quickly and the new dentist got the job done in just two visits, using acrylic--not porcelain. It looks even better than the original and it was a fraction of the cost (hundreds vs. thousands)

So research who you use and compare costs--try the website below--and if you do decide to do it, don't let anyone talk you into getting something way more involved and expensive than necessary.

Good luck!
Reply:Hi Lola

An exgirlfriend of mine had them and they looked great. The downside is that they grind down the teeth that you have to a nub and then cap them with the veneer. You cannot use toothpaste that has whitener in it and they only last 10 years. She said it was hell going thru it. Just being honest...if you dont need to i wouldnt
Reply:Veneers are a good option for people who have good, healthy gums and teeth. Your teeth, if in good shape, will only be slightly shaved down on the front side. The dentist then takes an impression of the teeth and has a dental lab fabricate porcelain veneers. If they use a really good lab, the lab tech will hand make the veneers, which is prettier, and they don't have to shave down as much of your natural teeth. As long as you keep up with your cleanings, and take good care of your teeth, the veneers should last at least 10 years or longer. If you grind your teeth, make sure you have your dentist make you a splint that will protect your veneers when you sleep. Most people who need new veneers need them because they broke them while grinding. Veneers can range in price from $800- $1200 depending on where you live.
Reply:They are good and strong but very expensive. Most insurance will not pay if it is not dentally necessary since especially if front teeth , it is considered cosmetic unless the dentist shows major decay and or fracture of the natural tooth.
Reply:This will depend on the skill of the dental surgeon who does the procedure. I have done a few and have had excellent results. Try not to fall for a cheaper dentist as he will use an inferior material and the results might not last as long.
Reply:Yes,They cost about $1000.00 a tooth...just have to watch what bite into. I've had mine 14 years
Reply:Well I asked my dentist and it runs about $675.00 per tooth. Its really expensive.. Sorry

Is there an acceptable alternate porcelain veneer to Lumineers?

$800 to $1200 per tooth is not affordable! Doesn't Lumineer have any competitors?

Is there an acceptable alternate porcelain veneer to Lumineers?
There are several veneers on the market, and many besides Lumineers that dont require tooth reduction. Just about every major dental lab makes them. Lumineers are well known because of TV and Dr. Dorfman (He did the makeovers on the Extreme Makeover show on ABC) Prepare to pay $300 to $1500 per tooth depending on brand and geographic location. My office does Lumineers and five other brands. We charge $600 per tooth to cover the costs and to have a profit as well on the Lumineer. Actual cost of the Lumineer for the dentist (counting the lab fee and materials used, and assistant man hours and for the glue) is about $420 per tooth.

Lumineers are not necessarily the best on the market, you need to take into account your situation (ie what you want to change about your smile and how your teeth line up, and what exactly you want to cover up) You may want to have a little tooth reduction and a different kind of veneer to achieve your desired results.
Reply:There are a lot of different acceptable porcelain veneers that are not Lumineers. But $800-$1200 a tooth is what you should expect to pay for any of them, they are considered a cosmetic procedure so you are going to pay more. Sorry
Reply:its movie star pricing. if u r not one, u prolly dont need it.
Reply:Lumineers, by brand, may be cheaper than traditional veneers, because the manufacturer states that they do not need any tooth preparation prior to making them. Less time = less cost.

VanillaIce's assessment is correct.

What's the difference between tooth bonding and porcelain veneer?

My teeth are discolored due to smoking and I want a new smile as I quit! I cannot afford veneer right now. I tried the office procedures like Bright Smile and got little results as well as the at home whitening kits. How expensive is bonding and how evasive? How long does it last? And does it look real?

What's the difference between tooth bonding and porcelain veneer?
it's minimally invasive, about $200 a tooth, lasts about 3-10 years based on how well you take care of your teeth, and yes it looks real but not as awesome as porcelain.

its a great procedure for someone on a budget but wants a nicer smile.
Reply:Bonding is best described as building up/around a tooth.

A veneer is like a crown, being made from an impression of your mouth, then fitted on top of our exsisting tooth. The upside of veneers are that they are usually stronger and can be made to match your other teeth. The down side is not only the price, but in order to fix them to your exsisiting teeth, alot of your tooth will be removed and then shapped to accept the veneer.
Reply:Tooth bonding is similar to the white fillings, same material.

Lasts about 2-3 years, depending on your staining habits (coffee, pop, berries, etc), Cost about 180-220 per tooth.

Porcelain veneer is custom made sliver that is cemented over the front of the tooth, in order for it to fit well dentist removes little of the tooth structure off the surface.. Kinda like a fake nail. Does not stain at all, longevity about 10-20 years. Cost 700-800.

In the long run they are better and cheaper. You don't have to replace them every so often.

The difference is like between plastic coffee cup and china. What will stain faster?


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How much does a porcelain veneer cost vs. the cost of braces?

and is it more pain full than braces. because im wondering if i should get that instead of braces.

How much does a porcelain veneer cost vs. the cost of braces?



Reply:It all depends. You would have to talk to your Dentist to see if that would even be an option. If your teeth are really out of alignment the only way to fix them may be braces. Veneers range in price depending on where you live and you dental office as do braces. I would say that Veneers would be less painful than braces as you would be done after 2 appointment (prep and the cement) as with braces you may have to wear them for a number of years.

Need more information about porcelain crowns?

Thank you for answering me with information about crowns earlier. I lost a lot of teeth structure on my front. Lots of enamel are lost. But I checked out the internet about crowns and it seems the picture for those people who use crowns have more teeth than what I've.

Maybe I'm wrong. Is there like percentage of tooth and crown together in order for it to be strong?

Is there any other option? I heard from a friend that porcelain veneer is not strong if u don't have much teeth.. I guess porcelain crown is the same since they use the same material?

I schedule an appointment next week but I want to get some info so I know what to expect from dentist or see if he's rite. What do u think I can do?


Need more information about porcelain crowns?
Don't worry about not having enough tooth structure for successful crown placement, your dentist will decide that. If you're lacking in the tooth structure department he can always do what's called a "build-up" where he actually adds tooth colored filling material to the existing tooth to make it able to hold a crown. The main consideration is that your tooth is not loose in the gum tissue. That kind of problem requires a different solution, but good results can still be achieved.

There is a difference between a crown and a porcelain veneer. A crown is usually either all metal (like a gold or a mixture of metals), part metal with a porcelain overlay, or all porcelain. They all have their own particular strengths and weaknesses which your dentist will go into more detail about.

A veneer is always made of just porcelain. It is less durable than a full coverage crown because there is no metal involved, but they are usually more aesthetically pleasing (they look better), for the same reason (no dark metal shows through the porcelain).

Your dentist will recommend what he/she feels is the best option for your particular case.
Reply:The short answer, since Kat's answer covers it pretty well...

If your tooth is in good shape, a veneer would leave the tooth stronger than if you had a crown done. If your tooth is in bad shape, a veneer will not do much to strengthen the tooth, but a crown would.

What are porcelain veneer teeth like?

I hate my teeth and smile so much, I had braces for about 4 years, And I don't know why but My teeth are so SMALL! And really weird like see through looking in some places of them, since they are so small when I smile you get ALOT OF GUM and I hate it! I'm just wondering how much they cost? And what all they can do?

What are porcelain veneer teeth like?

This is what we use in our office. They are similar to having a fake finger nail. They cover over the old tooth and they do not need much preping like traditional veneers. Its simlar to a cap but do not cover the entire tooth like a crown does. The can run you anywhere from $800-$1000 per tooth.

Do veneers stay on?

if i were to bite into something hard, or get punched in the face, would i have to worry about my porcelain veneer coming off my tooth, or chipping easily? i box often and i don't want to worry about wasting money!

Do veneers stay on?
Porcelain veneers are pretty tough. Expensive though.
Reply:for that much money, they better not.

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