Monday, November 16, 2009

How much would it cost to do your whole mouth, with porcelain veneers.?

well. not your whole mouth. but a majority. a rough estimate would be nice.

Don't include insurance.

How much would it cost to do your whole mouth, with porcelain veneers.?
Upwards of £15,000.
Reply:a lot.
Reply:last price I saw quoted was approx 400-500 per tooth.......and Insurance usually wont pay for it since they see it as "cosmetic"
Reply:I had 23 done and my dentist charged me only 9,800.00. I have a "perfect" hollywood smile now though. It was the best 10K I have ever invested. As far as insurance he said most policies do NOT cover veneers anyway as they are considered cosmetic. I do modeling and it has increased my jobs a great deal so again the money was well spent. Good luck and happy smiling!!
Reply:I was told you only get the top done. It isn't the best to get both top and bottom. I had 8 of my top teeth done and bleached out my bottom teeth. The grand total was around $7000 for 8 teeth. My aunt just got 12 top teeth done and it was $12,000 where she lives.
Reply:Depends upon the dentist and the city they are located in. Your State or County Dental Society may have some study data to offer you - you can find their phone number either online or in your local telephone directory. BUT, the HIGH END would be approximately $20,000 -- that information is fresh from this week's newspaper as a Los Angeles dentist has offered to do a full mouth of veneers for American Idol contestant LaKisha Jones. Kiki has nice enough teeth, but the front two have a space between them. The dentist would want to do a full mouth, to ensure color compatability and the best, long-lasting Professional appearance this performer would need. This dentist has offered to do the entire job free for her, but she cann't take advantage of any "non-Idol" contracts until after November 2007, when her Idol contract expires. So watch for a new SMILE on the Great Lady of Song sometime around the Christmas holidays !!
Reply:As a dentist, I would advise you not to even think about having your whole moth treated with veneers. First of all, porcelain veneers do NOT last forever. They chip and sometimes stain around the edges and even can fall off, so once you have this done, you are committed. It is also best to only do the upper front 6-10 teeth. This would run you around $1,000/tooth. In some cases, depending on the condition of your teeth, they may have to be shaved down more than others. Depending on your case, an alternative is composite bonding which is much less expensive....I charge around $250/tooth depending on the situation [these can also chip, stain, etc.].

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