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Porcelain Veneers on NHS. UK only?

I cannot afford treatment to get porcelain veneers on NHS. I have had bad teeth for years and it affects my life so much. I feel uncomfortable at work and don't like to meet new people as I'm too embarassed of my teeth. I was told I could apply for it to be done on the NHS on the basis I can explain it's a neccessity.

Advice on places I can get it done cheap would be a bonus. I've checked out places in prague etc as they say it's cheaper but the travel costs add up too.

Serious replies please. Any insulting messages will be reported.

Porcelain Veneers on NHS. UK only?
Find a dentist that provides Denplan %26amp; who will take on NHS. Have the first appointment so that they can make sure that no major work (apart from the Veneers) needs doing. They will then sign you up for Denplan. You will need to find a dentist who does Denplan Enhance. Check their website to find a dentist in your area. Once you sign up with Denplan you will have to make a payment each month. Denplan Enhance allows you to borrow the money and spread the payments over 3 years.

To get Veneers on the NHS is very slim but do try talking to your Dentist and or Doctor to say that it is really affecting your life. They may suggest having the teeth removed and having screwed in dentures.

All you can do is try.
Reply:I dont that you could get that done on the NHS, even if your teeth are that bad. Sorry.
Reply:Check with your doctor. If you can swing it to prove its causing a mental problem, you may get the treatment free.
Reply:sorry you will not get that done on nhs
Reply:Try and ask your dentist if you could have the ones you see the most like your top four front and explain that you cant afford to pay all in one go,he may let you pay weekly for them,thay are normally around£80 each.Tried to get my daughters done and nhs wouldnt,however i managed to pursuade dentist to do something similar which was done with plastic and was free,only that method needed to be replaced more often.
Reply:Talk to your dentist, or if you don't have one make an appointment for a consult regarding composite veneers with a few. Make sure you know how much the consult will cost and if that cost is deferred off your bill when work is done. Composite veneers have been around for a long time, some dentist do them and some don't. They are basically just a filling material shaped over your prepped teeth. They require less tooth structure to be removed and less chair time as well. No impression to be sent off to the lab and having to wear tempories for weeks. They are not as natural looking as veneers or your natural tooth for that matter. The light just doesn't go thru them the same as your natural tooth and they dry faster also which can give them a dull or lifeless appearance. But they are a lot less expensive. If you really are in bad shape, there are places, and sometimes doctors who do work for free just to help people out. You might start with your church or just calling some dental offices and asking. It never hurts to try and I know we've done cases several times last year. Good luck!
Reply:all NHS practises charge the same price in England its 179 GBP in Wales 177 GBP no matter how many veneers you have if you can prove its clinically necessary or your dentist can ask the general dental practice board for permission

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